My overreaction to the Pro Day and BBM is to increase my expectations for Immanuel Quickley.

It appears he has more athleticism than originally thought (best max vertical) and has really worked on his perimeter jumper (winning 3 point contest).

But, I'll take those points a little further. First, I remember seeing an old clip of him driving baseline and attacking the rim easily getting up for the dunk and didn't think much of it. I don't expect him to drive and dunk on guys in college regularly, but that ability is there and he will accumulate some dunks this year - and may catch some lobs.

On Quickley's shot - he's obviously come a long way in the last couple of years. After tying for the win in the McDonald's 3 point contest and then beating Tyler Herro at BBM, he has shown he can knock down 3s. He also went 4/10 from 3 in the Bahamas. But, what stood out just as much to me was a shot he took at Pro Day. Reid Travis got stuck guarding Quickley on the perimeter. I initially thought he'd try to use his quickness to get around him, but when Travis didn't close out with his hand up, he pulled up with little to no hesitation and drilled a 3.

Quickley seems much more confident; he's really progressed. I feel like Hagans and Quickley are going to be a little more aggressive offensively than I initially thought - that may pull back my scoring predictions on Herro, but he still looks pretty good out there, too.