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A Message from Big Blue Banter

June 2, 2020

In today’s world of sports journalism and blogging, the phrase ‘stick to sports’ is thrown around a lot. In many of the instances, that is true, sites like ours are here to deliver the University of Kentucky sports news to the Big Blue Nation and that should be the extent of our voice... normally.

We are not in normal times, however, we are in a historic moment and there has never been a more important time in our lives to do the exact opposite of sticking to sports. With today being tabbed as ‘Black Out Tuesday’, we thought there was no better time to make our voice heard. 

Admittedly, our voice is small, there are other UK Sports outlets that are bigger and have more followers, and more impact. We understand that our voice is small, however, at this moment, every voice matters and every voice needs to speak up and make it very clear that what is (and has been) happening to the black community is (and has been) unacceptable. 

There have already been too many incidents of overreaction and police brutality over the years, and yes they have been viewed as things that are tragic and should never have happened, but true change never really followed. The moment seemed to always pass, this moment needs to incite actual change. We only hope we are at a point where everyone finally gets that.

While those without brown or black skin will never understand their struggles and hurdles to simply live in this world... the hope is that they are finally ready to stand with our fellow humans and make the changes needed. 

To think that all racism can be stomped out is a fool’s errand. However, enough voices filled with light and love can stomp out the voices that spew and/or advocate hate (directly or indirectly) to the point of relative obscurity.

One of the most used phrases in response to any “Black Lives Matter” message is “all lives matter”. In a vacuum this is correct, all lives do matter. The problem is America is not a vacuum. America is a nation of double standards depending on your skin color. It is a double standard that we have seen play out time and time again on our TVs, our phones, and our communities.

This double standard actually sends the message that black lives, in fact, don’t matter. Until that double standard disappears and black lives actually matter, it is impossible for all lives to matter.

Whether it be out of fear of losing fans, followers, or money; In today’s world, we simply do not have enough meaningful voices standing up and willing to do something to help spark change. The time has come for people who have the ability to move the needle to step up and lead the evolution of our society.

“We understand that we will never understand, however, we stand”

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