WOW, Big Blue Nation this was an awesome special edition podcast we are bringing to you. To have UK Hall of Famer and legend Tony Delk on the podcast was special. We talked about a myriad of items that is sure to pique your interest. Below is an outline of what all was discussed, do not miss this one!

  • Tony’s wine label venture and how that came about
  • Tony’s partnership with Ozzie Smith and David Price to invest in IMAC Regeneration facilities. Places for people with chronic pain to get treated without surgery
  • We talked about his family and his two daughters health struggles whom he loves so much and was a driving factor to partner with Ozzie and David
  • Tony’s upcoming memoir/book titled ‘Sh00ters’ where he talks about growing up in a small town, getting to Kentucky, the NBA and his burgeoning empire of today.
  • Growing up in a small town and what it was like being a big fish in a small pond and coming to UK and being a small fish in a big pond
  • His recruitment to UK, and how he ALMOST LEFT UK after his freshman year due to doubts about his fit and ability to play there. Spoiler alert, thank you, Billy Donovan.
  • Which uniforms he liked the most out of the Pitino era constant switcheroo’s… the Denim Uniforms (he hated) were supposed to be a 1-game thing, FYI.
  • We talk about his 53-point night in the NBA
  • We talk about his favorite moment on the court while he was at UK
  • His number finally going up in the rafters and what he felt watching that happen
  • Plus more, just click and listen, you will learn more about Double-O and enjoy it… money back guarantee.

Image courtesy of UK Athletics