When it comes to accurately predicting sporting events outcomes… Vegas is king.  They have a lot of money involved and you can bet they know what they are doing.

Unless you do not pay much attention, the crazy accuracy of their spreads is spooky at times.  It is almost as if Marty McFly bringing back the Gray’s Sports Almanac was a documentary instead of a movie.

However, sometimes they are wrong, and for Kentucky Football fans that is a good thing.  Last season Vegas predicted the ‘Cats to win 5 games and they won 7.

Now, Vegas has a number for Kentucky, and they are showing improvement.  They are predicting the Wildcats to win 6 games.

Personally, I might bet a month’s salary on the over… if I were a betting man that is.

Sam Khan Jr. and Edward Aschoff took their opinion on Kentucky’s over under of 6 wins below.  Personally, I would set the over/under for UK Football at 7.5, but that is just me.  It seems as though Khan and Aschoff agree with me:

If you listen to our Football Podcast, we had a game by game prediction of the season.  Then we looked at what those records would be.  Max Godby was the least optimistic but had UK at 7-5.  I came in at 8-4, Kelli McDowell came in at 9-3, and SCOOP Loney came in at a whopping 10-2!!!

Below is Kentucky’s schedule for this year, what do you think UK’s win total should be for 2017?  I know I am partial to my own predictions, but I like this team to be 8-4.  The only game I look at on the schedule and think it is a probable loss would be the game in Athens, vs Georgia.

  1. Southern Miss – Win
  2. EKU – Win
  3. at South Carolina – Loss
  4. Florida – Win
  5. Eastern Michigan – Win
  6. Missouri – Win
  7. at Mississippi St – Loss
  8. Tennessee  – Win
  9. Ole Miss – Win
  10. at Vanderbilt – Win
  11. at Georgia – Loss
  12. Louisville – Loss

Image courtesy of FBSchedules


  1. I’m going with 7-5. I’m giving us Ws against So Miss, EKU and E Mich. Then, out of the S Carolina, Florida, Missouri and Miss St start to the conference schedule, I say we go 2-2. I’d like to say 3-1 there, but we haven’t beaten Florida in forever and there’s 2 road SEC games in there.

    That’s puts us at 5-2 going into 4 more SEC games. I’m going to say we go 2-2 during that stretch. I’m not going to say winning at Georgia is out of the question, but we’ll be underdogs. I think that’s fair and puts us at 7-4 going into the Louisville game. If I had to pick that game, I’d say they get us back for last year … and I don’t like to think about it. That’s a 7-5 regular season.

    Now, if I get to pick the final record, I’d say we go 8-5 by going 1-1 between the UL game and the bowl game. I think beating UL puts us in a tough bowl matchup, but losing to them puts us in a game we’re favored in.

  2. I agree. I think 7-5 is about as consistent as we can get right now. For every upset win (UL) we get upset ourselves (Southern Miss). It’s going to take a few more seasons before we win all the games we should and an upset or 2.

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