Kentucky’s Baseball team is ranked number four team in the nation and soon the team will be able to move into their new digs. The new baseball stadium construction has been ongoing for a little over a year now. Drywall, lighting, glass, and many other things have already started to be installed in the new stadium. Coach (Nick) Mingione said in a presser, I believe Baseball and Softball media days the graphics package and playing surface (Astroturf, real dirt be on the pitcher’s mound) would start being installed in April of 2018.I was being told by some sources that the facility may look a little different then what was announced back in 2017. Directly below is the video of what Kentucky released in 2017 when UK’s Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart and Coach Nick Mingione announced the new stadium was being built and this was the design of the new facility that would match Kroger Field and the Joe Craft Football Training facility with Kentucky limestone exterior.

Original Video: 

These are new renderings of Kentucky new baseball stadium that I found on UK Athletics official site and notice quite a few changes. In the text on the lower right of the renderings, the text mentions suites are now being included as in the original video released only mentioned a club area. A canopy of sorts will be installed over the grass berms. It appears like maybe some more permanent seating could be in place in the large rendering. One interesting change in the large new rendering is an underground tunnel behind the batter’s eye in centerfield. The tunnel appears to go under the playing area itself.

New Renderings:

Image courtesy of UK Athletics