Kentucky made the trip to the plains on Valentines Day hoping for some love for the win column. They had lost three straight for the first time in the Cal era, and being a 10-point dog at Auburn did not offer any relief.


Auburn started the game 1-11, you would think that means UK would have a good lead, quieted the raucous crowd, and were set up for an upset, right? Well, do not hold your breath because Kentucky led the game 7-6 at that point.

The entire first half was very frustrating to watch for Big Blue Nation. The only shining light was Kevin Knox. Knox had 12 first-half points and hit every big shot that kept Auburn from extending a lead. He was the sole reason the ‘Cats were only down 39-33 at the half.

The narrative was much the same as every previous first half you have endured. No semblance of an offensive philosophy, no pressure on defense, and no pride shown.

Every trip down the court on offense saw Auburn pressuring Kentucky on EVERY pass. Auburn would not let anyone have any space or breathing room. Conversely, UK sagged off, put zero individual pressure, and played nothing but reactive defense. The truth is Auburn probably should have had 49 points but they were ice cold to start.

Andy Kennedy had a press conference today, and he talked about reasons he is stepping down. One of the big reasons is he is unable to get his kids to play for even the pride of their family name on the back of the jersey, much less the front of the jersey. I feel like he may as well have been Calipari during that press conference.

Here are a few of the few highlights of the half for Kentucky.


Kentucky had been playing a game where every first half was a rock fight, but the second half they seemed to score more… but give up A LOT more. It was like they opened the floodgates on both ends

Tonight, Kentucky adjusted, to their credit. They whittled away the 6-point lead in a very methodical manner. Led mostly by Kevin Knox, Kentucky somehow took a 49-48 lead with just under 13:00 left in the game.

The under-8 timeout saw the ‘Cats with a 4-point and Auburn on the ropes a bit. The next 2-3 minutes would determine if the game would be a struggle for Auburn to come back and win or if UK would struggle to keep it close enough to strike at the end.

Unfortunately, Kentucky had a 3-pointer rim out, Auburn hit a wide open three, and a Hamidou Diallo careless turnover led to a deuce to see Auburn take the lead, and momentum back with 6:00 left.

Kentucky had a chance to extend the lead and essentially bury Auburn, but they gave the lead away from lazy defense, lazy offense, and a lack of urgency.

This is a team desperate for a win… at least they should be, but they played like a team that has no idea the sense of urgency that should be given.

Alabama becomes a must win game or Kentucky will be squarely on the bubble and possibly on the outside looking in.

Image courtesy of Alex Slitz Photo