In a ceremony in the recruiting room at Kroger Field on Monday afternoon, baseball coach Nick Mingione was named a member of the Kentucky Colonels. The Kentucky Colonels is a voluntary philanthropic organization that honors individuals for noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to the community, state, or nation. This commission is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky.

Nick Mingione was completely surprised by the ceremony and at a loss for words after the presentation. “I don’t have many words to say right now but how much I appreciate it.”

After the ceremony, Mingione spoke to the press, commending his players for their accomplishments both as athletes and people last year. He said a staggering 30 of 35 players made the SEC Honor Roll.

Mingione also spoke to the leadership of athletic director Mitch Barnhart. He said he has the photo of Barnhart drying off seats at the Regional at Cliff Hagan Stadium last May. “What a beautiful example of servant leadership.”

Mingione explained that he had no idea when he came in. “Kevin Saal got me, he got me. He’s like, ‘Hey we’re going to go to the recruiting room and we’re going to look at the finishes and the furniture for our new stadium.” Mingione’s wife was in on it too, suggesting a nice lunch after the meeting to make sure he dressed up.

UK Baseball just finished up their 45-day fall practice schedule with the 3-game Fall World Series this past weekend. Stay tuned for news and predictions as we get closer to the start of baseball season!