Kentucky introduced two new assistant coaches in the Joe Craft Center lobby on Monday, as Coach Brad White and Coach Michael Smith took the podium to address Big Blue Nation.

Coach Michael Smith, who will be Kentucky’s wide receiver coach and lead recruiter in Louisiana, kicked it off with the roughly twenty members of media in attendance.

One of the first things Coach Smith mentioned was the strength of the Kentucky brand in terms of Kentucky.  Coach Smith that is the biggest difference between recruiting at this prior stops and what it will be like recruiting at Kentucky.

Coach Smith also made it very clear he doesn’t want to be known as just a recruiter.  Since being hired, fans and media alike have come to know him as an elite-level recruiter.  Smith obviously takes pride in his ability to coach his guys.

“I don’t want anyone to look at my position group as a weak link.”

Coach Smith wants his guys to be themselves.  Actually, he wants them to be the ‘best version’ of themselves.  He said his coaching style is very enthusiastic, and he believes his players will be able to relate to that energy.  Though he understands receivers will want their touches, he made one thing clear.

“The team comes first.  We gotta do what we gotta do to win.”

Coach Smith was asked about legendary Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder and how Coach Snyder influenced him, and he said Coach Snyder made him into the coach he is today.  He went as far to say that, other than his father, he was the most influential man in his life.  For Kentucky football fans, it is comforting to know that such an amazing head coach like Bill Snyder has influenced our newest wide receivers coach.  Along with his recruiting and coaching profile, the wide receiver position should be in good hands.

Coach Brad White is fresh off of an NFL coaching stint with the Indianapolis Colts.  Coach White had coached linebackers in Indianapolis, the same position he will coach at Kentucky.

One question was asked more than once: Why leave the NFL for Kentucky?

“It’s all about the right fit… There were some opportunities to stay, but, like I said before, it was all about fit and family.”

Coach White said he wanted the right fit for himself and his family.  Seeing the University of Kentucky football program as a better fit than being a coach in the NFL has to make you feel good if you’re a Kentucky fan.

A young man (only 34 years old) with immense potential, he sees it in his players, too.  He thinks he can get the best out of Josh Allen, knowing he thought about leaving for the NFL.  He will not lack intensity, or expectation.

“They have to understand they have to be dominant on every snap and every play of every game.”

He’s going to be hard on his players.  Very hard.  He also understands what it takes to be an NFL player.

Players coming to Kentucky will want to be NFL players.  Kentucky needs NFL-caliber players to contend in the SEC.  For Coach White, I guess UK is the right fit for him after all.

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