Today’s daily banter is going to pay homage to the 2007 Kentucky vs. LSU game. The reason for this is two fold.  The first is that we are expecting/hoping for some magic this football season. That game was magical. The second reason is that the guy who made the 4th down stop to seal the win was Braxton Kelley, who will be our guest on the football podcast releasing tomorrow.

The Wildcats were ranked #17 in the nation while the undefeated (and eventual national champions) Tigers were #1 in the land.  There was an air of confidence in Lexington.  You would not say the fans thought a win was coming, but they definitely felt good.

Kentucky would draw first blood with a tipped pass falling into TC Drake’s hands to take a 7-0 lead for UK.  LSU immediately bounced back and ran the ball down the field before plunging in for a 7-7 tie.

LSU would add on a field goal and another TD to take a 17-7 lead and it felt like the game was slipping away.  However, Andre Woodson led the ‘Cats down the field and capped off the TD with an amazing fake pass and pull it down for a 12 yard TD keeper to officially announce it was a game at 17-14 at the half.

Early in the third LSU answered with a long drive and TD to go back ahead by 10 at 24-14.  On the next possession, Woodson would throw an interception and LSU had a chance to ‘sweep the leg’.  Fortunately, UK would hold to a field goal for a 27-14 deficit.  They would then march down the field and score to pull it to 27-21 as the third quarter closed.

during that drive, the infamous Dicky Lyons Jr. mashing of Craig Steltz happened.  “He got hit so bad.”

Kentucky would hold again and finish off a solid drive with a field goal to pull to within 3 at 27-24 with just under 8 minutes to go.  With LSU just needing to get 3-4 first downs and run out the clock, they gave UK a gift and Trevard Lindley picked off a deep pass to give UK a chance to win it in regulation or tie.  The latter of the two happened and we went to OT #1.

The teams would trade touchdowns and then trade field goals in the first two overtime periods, then Stevie got loose… again.  On a play called ‘Sluggo’, Stevie Johnson got open and Woodson stood in and took a monster hit but the third down play was a TD (and NOT a Field goal).  The two point conversion was no good and Kentucky led 43-37, but a TD and conversion would mean another heartbreaking loss in Lexington.

The defense stepped up and stuffed LSU and got them in a 4th and 2 situation.  LSU had to go for it and the Mad Hatter decided to go straight up the middle.  In an amazing display of one-on-one football where the lower guy wins… Braxton Kelley got under Charles Scott and up-ended him 1 yard short of the marker.  Chaos in Commonwealth reigned supreme.


  • Top Kentucky Football recruiting target L’Christian Blue Smith has decided where he is going to play, but he has not announced it.  Many are projecting him to Ohio State, only time will tell.
  • Great article on freshman phenom Lynn Bowden wanting to ‘earn his way‘ to PT.
  • Defensive Tackle Phil Hoskins is ahead of schedule on his rehab from injury.  At a position of need, this is great news.
  • Here is a breakdown from Mark Stoops of the first scrimmage of the season from Saturday.  You can also get our breakdown here too.
  • Sort of good news on Xavier Peters, he committed but less than 24 hours he edited his twitter profile removing all UK stuff and said he had to think about things.  The official stance is that he is still committed to UK, but keeping options open.
  • This is a disturbing article showing that UK is not bringing in the football revenue of most SEC schools.  We have seen the administration pour hundreds of millions of dollars into renovations and trying to make UK relevant in the SEC.  However, without fan financial support that will not last long.


  • Justin Thomas has won his first Golf major.  He walked away with the PGA Championship this weekend.
  • The Florida Gators have suspended SEVEN of their players for the opening game vs. Michigan.  Too bad it could not have happened a few weeks later, ha.
  • LaVar Ball thinks he can beat Michael Jordan one-on-one… he cannot even beat Ice Cube in shooting.  What a clown this guy is maybe he will shut up, but I won’t hold my breath


  • Game of Thrones just keeps getting better and better… I cannot wait to see how the series unfolds from here.
  • Who are your top movie or TV characters… not necessarily favorite movies or shows, but the actual characters.  These are my top 5, in order of best.
    1. Doc Holliday – Val Kilmer in Tombstone
    2. Walter White – Brian Cranston in Breaking Bad
    3. Maximus Decimus Meridius – Russell Crowe in Gladiator
    4. Dexter Morgan – Michal C Hall in Dexter
    5. Rick Grimes – Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead
  • I did something dumb, but did not get hurt… I had a huge dead tree limb about 15 feet off the ground, leaning on another tree.  Instead of calling a professional, I decided to grab an axe (no chainsaw) and get on a 12 foot ladder, climb to the next to top and proceed to chop it in half.  It took about 20 minutes and I nearly died of exhaustion but it got done without paying a pro.  I guess that’s a good thing.


Image courtesy of Associated Press