In yesterday’s banter, Keith covered the extremes of derision and hope amongst UK’s gridiron faithful. As the day we gather around odd-necked poultry looms, let’s take stock of our place at the SEC East Football Thanksgiving table: We are not at the head of that table, but we are no longer trying to squeeze our legs under the wonky-legged card table amongst the kiddies either. There may be a grandpa and a couple uncles between UK and carving-the-turkey-glory, but let’s be thankful for what we’ve achieved and where we could be. As with all families, sitting in that prime head seat takes time. Besides, one of those uncles has been drinking lately and the other might be full on drunkle now so…

Wildcat Banter

UK Wins Vs. Troy

  • Calipari’s squad took on the Troy Trojans last night. Read our recap here. It’s good to see Kevin Knox continue his upward trend offensively as Hami Diallo takes a few less shots. To this point, he’s taken more shots per game (18.8) than Malik Monk (18.3) last season. Games like these help this new team figure things out on the court, and we all know the key to success this year will be how much they learn between now and March.
  • Congratulations to the UK Women’s Volleyball Team, who have reached #1 in the AP Poll!

Non-Wildcat Banter

  • And finally, the London police had to remind fans of English soccer team West Ham, who recently lost to Watford, that 999 (British 911) was for emergencies, not to call and spew their anger towards the team.

Remember fans, it could always be worse. Stay safe out there. Gobble, gobble.

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